7 ways to innovate and impact with Apps, VR and Touch TVs in your next event

At the design phase of every event you must carefully plan your budget, excel at your participant’s experience and certainly think of innovative ways to bring value to your sponsors. Entertainment, speakers, premises, technology, media, press: All must fit in your tight budget and you must surprise your audience. So what to do?

Let me bring up 5 different ways to innovate with little investment with Apps and Touch TV presentations.

1)    Launch an App for your event

You might think: “I’d love to launch my own Event App but it’s simply too expensive and it takes months to develop.” And here goes the first thought: Technology has evolved and now you’ll be able to launch an event App starting a few weeks before the event (meaning there’s time to accommodate all latest changes and approvals) and plus, it can cost just over Eur 1.000. It’s comparable to a few staff members in 1 single day and you can REALLY ENGAGE your audience:

  • No more printed timetables;
  • Push notifications with latest news and reminders;
  • Location based guidance;
  • Interaction;
  • New sponsor opportunities;
  • Gamification.

2)    Use interactive Touch TVs in your stand

At the end of the day, a trade-show pays off if qualified leads are generated to the company. With that in mind, you need to focus on ways to attrack customers to your booth and how to engage them once they’re in. Touch screen TVs well integrated in the stand are an excellent way to achieve both objectives. Either self using touch content or content meant to be used by your sales team enable you to cover a vast range of topics and impacting potential customers.

3)    Have interactive totems on your event

Your attendees will always need further information on location, speaker, schedule, etc. Provide interactive totems distributed in the event premise. Simple and direct information 1 or 2 touches away. This is also an additional opportunity for a sponsor marketing action and lead generation.

4)   Get your speakers to interact live with your audience

The days of unidirectional presentations are definitely over. User your event App to allow for a conversation between spectators and speakers. All live, a whole new experience. Polls, questions, comments…

5)   Use virtual reality to attract visitors to your booth

VR content never stops surprising me. It can be so much fun. A simple and straight forward way to take you right out of the real world. If you’re not familiar with it, let me briefly explain: you can use a smartphone, a cardboard, VR content and voila’, your customer is inside dreamland. As he moves his head he’ll be actually experiencing an entirely different world. And here comes the question: where do you want to bring your customer? Inside a success case? Inside a future concept? Just to have some fun in a roller coaster? That’s up to you, but you should certainly consider that in a future event.

6)   Use gamification on the event App

Last but not least, it’s a real challenge to get attendees to interact, visit stands and sponsors, participate in specific events. Create a game, distribute points and prizes and you have no idea the energy that creates in your congress or trade-show. Carefully design your phases, objectives, interactions. Use QR Codes, i-beacons, location based functionalities and get your audience in a whole new world. The event App is the best place for the game.

7)   Consider Augmented reality

Imagine a wall, a miniature car, a sample building. Now picture a tablet filming the car and several interaction poping up that structure and coming to life. That’s augmented reality. A little like minority report, but through the tablet of smartphone lenses. You can do so much. It all depends on your creativity.

Hope I gave you some interesting ideas for your next event, congress, trade-show.

Have suggestions? Need any new ideas? Want to discuss them further? Check out http://appsforyourevent.com/ and see how we can help you in your future event.

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